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What is Coccydynia?
Coccyx Subluxation Demo.

Coccydynia, Coccygodynia or Tailbone pain describe a painful condition located between buttocks near the anal area  Pain usually is increased after sitting on a hard surface.

What can cause Coccydynia?
Coccydynia can be caused by a variety of factors such as trauma, infection, pathology or referred pain from the pelvic area.  Usually a trauma such as a fall on the buttocks is the cause of Coccydynia.   Coccyx injury also occurs gradually with  prolonged sitting on a hard surface or broken- down seat.  Locating the gradual sources of coccyx injury can prevent the pain relapse or exacerbation.

How to diagnose Coccydynia?
Coccydynia is diagnosed based on the location of pain, physical examination of the painful area and/or review of clinical images such as X-ray or MRI. A significant part of the diagnosis is ruling out other conditions that can mimic similar pain.  In some cases, further imaging studies or a referral to other specialist might be indicated.

How to treat Coccydynia?
There are many therapeutic solutions for Coccydynia. You might have heard that “not much can be done for tailbone pain” or “ there is no solution for tailbone pain.”  Such statements could be far from truth, delaying the proper care and complicating the pain. world map







O ur message to all tailbone sufferers is the following:
There are many  therapeutic procedures to relieve or reduce  tailbone pain.

Coccydynia can be relieved with resting a few days (less than two weeks), chiropractic adjustment, manipulation, manual therapy, physiotherapy, over the counter or prescribed medication, injections by medical doctors or surgical removal of coccyx.

We have observed that the chiropractic  adjustment, manipulation and manual therapy  can reduce or relieve the tailbone pain effectively without medication or surgery. 

Due to the nature of our clinical practice, we provide only the non-surgical solutions without medication, such as gentle  coccyx adjustment, manipulation, manual therapy along with  a variety of physiotherapy modalities, rehab exercises, and ergonomic recommendations.  

Our therapeutic procedures are most appreciated by those patients who have experienced a few other types of care by other health care providers without getting the expected relief or reduction of tailbone pain.  If our therapeutic procedures do not relieve or reduce the intensity of the Coccydynia, patient will be referred for further clinical studies or to other specialists.

Like other health care providers, we do not have a solution for every tailbone pain sufferer; however, those in the San Francisco Bay Area can visit us to find out if they might benefit from our therapeutic care and experience. Our therapeutic methods are based on 20 years of clinical experience treating a wide variety of challenging coccydynia cases.

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