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Tailbone Injury after an Auto Accident (Car Crash)

Tailbone injury or Coccyx sprain and strain can occur after a motor vehicle collision.  The acceleration-deceleration forces that are exerted on the spine can misalign the coccyx where seat contacts the buttocks.   It is our observation that auto accident injuries that cause the tailbone injuries can cause other symptoms associated with the low back pain, neck pain, whiplash, spinal disc bulge, sacroiliac joint pain or craniosacral dysfunction.   The overlapping symptoms make the diagnosis and treatment of the coccyx very challenging. CarAccident03

Pain and discomfort during sitting is the most common complaint after a tailbone injury caused by a  car accident.  The injured person seeks comfort by sitting  on a protective seat (cushion) or minimize sitting.  Tailbone pain is typically increases after 20 to 30 minutes of sitting regardless of sitting position.

An experienced health care practitioner may interpret X-rays of Coccyx and diagnose the misalignment.   If you have had a normal X-ray diagnosis and are still suffering form coccydynia, perhaps it is time to get a second opinion from an experienced tailbone care provider.

Since there is a time-limit associated with auto accident injuries claims, it is very important to recognize the injury, treat it, or refer it for further clinical imaging study. 

Most tailbone injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions may respond very well to chiropractic adjustment or manual therapy due to the mechanical or physical nature of the trauma.  A delay in care  or lack of the treatment may progress to  more complicated symptoms and chronic pain.

If you suspect a tailbone injury after a recent motor vehicle collision and live locally, please contact us for a professional evaluation.   For more than 20 years, we have been providing care for tailbone, neck, back, low back, shoulder, wrist, hand, knee, foot or whiplash injuries due to car accidents.

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