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Coccyx Adjustment - A Chiropractic Treatment

Coccyx adjustment is a conservative method to align the coccyx segments and, restore motion to the coccyx joints relieving the tailbone pain without drugs or surgery.Coccyx Lat MRI2

Coccyx adjustment, manipulation and manual therapy refer to the procedures in which the misaligned coccyx is physically moved toward the normal alignment position.

Chiropractic adjustment can be provided externally or internally to correct a coccyx misalignment.

External Adjustment

External Adjustment of the coccyx can be provided by hand or with Chiropractic adjustment instruments. This is the procedure when coccyx is adjusted over the skin close to anal area.

Internal Adjustment

Internal Adjustment is provided through the anus and rectum. This procedure is very similar to the men’s prostate examination.  A lubricated and gloved finger is inserted in the rectum to examine and adjust the coccyx.


Advanced Coccyx Protocols

Advanced coccyx protocols are designed to address challenging tailbone pain or complicated clinical cases. A protocol may include one or more of the following:

  • coccyx external adjustment
  • coccyx internal adjustment
  • manual therapy
  • physiotherapy modalities
  • rehab exercises
  • ergonomic changes

We provide the above coccyx protocols as an alternative solution to relieve the tailbone pain for the patients in San Francisco Bay Area. 

Please read our patients’ success stories.  


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