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Consultation is the first step to find out what happened and how your symptom developed. It is an important to step to find out  if we can consider your clinical case for our treatment protocols. clipboard2

During the initial consultation, we collect  the detailed information about the tailbone injury,   such as the possible physical forces that may have been applied to the coccyx area.   Please allow 30 to 120 minutes for the initial consultation. We do our best to answer your  health-related concerns  or questions based on our experience with similar cases.


Examination is the next step after the consultation. You are required to read and sign a consent form for the coccyx examination due to the nature of the exam.  You are welcome to bring  your significant other or friend with you in the exam room.  

We usually have a female staff person present during the coccyx examination. An examination of coccyx can provide more details or information about your tailbone pain, coccyx misalignment or surrounding soft tissue status. Seated_MRI2

During the examination, specific tests can help us to determine the severity of a  coccyx injury.   If you have any X-ray or MRI of the coccyx, please bring the images and reports with you during the initial examination.  

At the end of examination,  we might decide to order new Coccyx  X-rays, Dynamic X-rays, MRI or weight bearing MRI of the coccyx for more clinical information.

At least there are two upright MRI facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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