First visit

Currently, we are NOT accepting new patients.

The first visit for a new patient who is suffering from the tailbone is scheduled in the morning. Please allow one to two hours minimum for the initial visit.  It is highly recommended to bring all the previous medical studies related to tailbone pain such as X-ray, MRI, Nerve Study, etc along with the report to the initial visit.puzzle

The initial visit begins with filling out the intake form.  During the consultation, Dr. Reza Abusaidi, DC will review the intake form and ask further questions to determine the possible cause(s) of the tailbone pain and find out if there are any complications associated with the tailbone pain.

The outcome of consultation will determine the course of further action during the initial visit such as a coccyx physical examination or referral for further medical studies such as X-rays or MRI.

Examination of coccyx includes palpation (touching) of the area close to the anus and internal examination of coccyx that  is provided through the anus and rectum. This procedure is very similar to the men’s prostate examination.  A lubricated gloved finger is inserted through anus in the rectum to examine the coccyx area internally. Usually, there is a female staff present during the coccyx examination.

Upon review of clinical finding and imaging studies, a decision is made to refer the patients to other specialists or suggest a trial treatment program.

New patients are encouraged to schedule their initial visit on a day that they can avoid strenuous activities after the visit and for the following dayMRI viewer.

Reminder: Please bring the related previous X-ray, MRI, etc. along with the reports.

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