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Tailbone Pain during Pregnancy or after Child Delivery.

A pregnant woman's body goes through many changes such as softening of the ligaments that are holding different structures of the pelvis.  Loosening of the ligaments that attach the coccyx to the sacrum can lead to the misalignment of one or more coccyx segments.Pregnant 3

The misalignment of the coccyx can cause pain during the pregnancy.  Due to lack of care or delay in proper care to align the coccyx, tailbone pain can get worse or complicate as the pregnancy continues.

Pregnant women cannot receive an X-ray  examination which can present a challenge for health care practitioners.  However, the experienced doctor is able to overcome  such diagnostic challenge

The coccyx misalignment can become more complicated after a natural vaginal delivery due to the mechanical forces that are applied to the pelvic region during the  delivery.

Some women who have never experienced tailbone pain previously, might have developed tailbone pain after the childbirth.   If the tailbone pain continues two weeks after the delivery, it is highly recommended to seek professional care in order  to avoid complications or needless extended suffering.

We have helped patients, who have suffered from tailbone pain during pregnancy or after the delivery, very successfully.

Please refer to San Mateo Chiropractic Yelp page for the details of our pregnant patients’ reviews.

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