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Success stories

Here is a few samples of our patient’s success stories.  We would like to thank everyone who have shared their success story here or on other websites to help others who seek more information about recovery from tailbone pain.writing3

Please note that the following successful results are unique for each clinical case.

These results are not common and do not represent any expected, predicted or implied benefit for other patients with similar symptoms.  Results may vary based on the cause of pain, patient’s clinical presentation, age, gender, health status, etc.

...eliminated by that one adjustment!
Hello, Dr. Reza --

I write to thank you again for straightening out my coccyx problem.  
The discomfort that I had been dealing with on a daily basis has been  almost entirely eliminated by that one adjustment! 
I told   my regular chiropractor, that he should refer any patients he has with  coccyx problems to you without hesitation.


.. Fixed Me!
Dr. Reza Abusaidi fixed me!  I am a 31 year old male who loves to bike.  I use the bike to commute to work and on the weekends hit the trails on the mountain bike (cross country and downhill). 

In December of 2007 I hurt my lower back and tailbone and could barely walk. It was painful for me to sit for more than a few minutes and biking was completely out of the question.  After visiting the sports doctor and getting x-rays and MRI's I wasn't getting any results. After doing a search on the internet I came across and found Dr. Abusaidi's contact information. 

I initially chose Dr. Abusaidi since I live in the area but now would choose him even if I didn't live so close. After the first visit it was clear that Dr. Abusaidi is an expert in coccyx issues and also really cares for his patients. After treating many patients with similar issues he has developed a very methodical way to treat coccyx pain based on the patient's symptoms.
After about 3 months I could stop driving to work and started taking the motorcycle. After another month I was back on the bike for commuting and another month after that I was back hitting the trails. 

Fast forward to July 2008 and I am totally back in the game.  I just finished two back to back weekends at Northstar resort in Tahoe doing downhill mountain biking and can say that I have no issues with my coccyx.  The bruises from crashing are another issue...
Thank you Dr. Abusaidi for helping me get back to a normal life and doing what I love to do!

D. L

..., my condition started improving.
I had a severe go - kart crash 2 years back. I had severe pain in lower back and sitting was impossible. I took it easy for the first 1 week. But, when I wasn't able to sit even after the first week, I knew something was wrong and went to a chiropractor. He was very good at adjustments and got me almost 90% pain relief. But, he made me sit on a donut, which probably was the only way to sit for me at that time. Luckily, I used to work from home and used a comfortable couch to sit. Almost 8 months after the injury, I thought that I was OK and stopped using the donut to sit.

After that, I went on a long drive (~600 miles) and the problem re-surfaced. I relocated to Bay Area and this time I had to go to office and sit on office chair for 8 hrs a day. My condition got to worst within 2-3 weeks and it became almost impossible to sit even using donut, cushion etc. This is when I found Dr. Reza from ( He has a very scientific approach to diagnose and treat such problems. I started treatment visiting 3 days/week and using a wedge cushion. Things were extremely difficult for me at that time. Dr. Reza was the only hope I had. In a few weeks, my condition started improving. The amount of pain kept reducing.

Then came next phase of care using orthotics. Dr. Reza emphasizes its importance quite a lot. For a month, getting adjusted to it was challenging. Things improved over time gradually. Then I started playing ping ping pong and running even using orthotics. It seemed like an impossible task at one point of time. Now, almost an year after starting care with Dr. Reza, I've stated to play competitive ping pong while also sitting with peace at work. I also do long drives on weekends. Thanks a lot to Dr. Reza for getting me to this point. I'd highly recommend him for any coccyx related problem. You don't have to go by my words though because he explains all of this in scientific terms to the patient anyway.

For people suffering from this symptom, I'd just say that you should go to a doctor at the earliest. It is extremely challenging to cope up with it, especially if you have to sit at work. Recovery is often slow - but stay put and you'll get there. Never, never give up.

Hope this can help somebody.


... was able to help me alleviate the problem.

I injured my tailbone two years ago when I was standing on a chair. When I stepped off the chair, I accidentally straddled the back and the impact hurt my tailbone a lot! After taking an x-ray, my doctor told me I had fractured the tailbone. I was instructed not to do anything about it and that it would heal on its own. I sat on a donut for several months and slept on a memory foam mattress pad. However, after 6 months I was still experiencing sensitivity when sitting for extended periods and also developed lower back tension. Over the next year, I sought many different types of medical professionals -an acupuncturist, another chiropractor, and a physical therapist. No one really understood my injury and no one took me seriously until I found Dr. Reza.

I would recommend anyone who has a tailbone injury to visit Dr. Reza. He is the most knowledgeable person I know about the coccyx. His treatment was effective for me, and I was continually impressed by his expertise, professionalism, and ability to put me at ease. He actually listens! And he is always cheerful! He does not rush his patients and takes time to fully diagnose your problem. After carefully studying my x-rays, he was able to see that I had never fractured my tailbone. I had only pushed a segment of it out of line when I fell. That was why I still had not healed. Even nearly two years after the injury he was able to help me alleviate the problem.
After about 9 visits to his office where I had electrical stimulation, internal and external coccyx adjustment, and added some strengthening exercises at the end, I am much better! I still sit on a special cushion for extended travel. I also wear special orthotics I got at his office. But I do not experience any more tailbone pain. The best part about visiting Dr. Reza was that he helped me fully understand my injury and develop ways to not only correct and minimize the problem, but pro-actively maintain a great level of heath and comfort in my life. Thank you Dr. Reza!


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