Tailbone Injury

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Tailbone Injury

Tailbone injury is the most common cause of tailbone pain among the patients that have consulted us.

Tailbone injury is usually caused by a specific event (traumatic force) that leads immediately to pain sensation or severe discomfort around the tailbone area.  Most tailbone pain sufferers can recall the specific cause of their injury or a bruised buttocks area.  Sometimes, they experience difficulty sitting from a few hours to a few weeks, following a tailbone injury.skating3

Traumatic injury of tailbone can affect most ages.  In our practice, we have observed the effects of  physical tailbone trauma on teenagers to the elderly.

If you are a parent or guardian of a teenager who is complaining of tailbone pain,  you have a great responsibility to have your loved one get the proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.  The earlier the symptoms of a teenager’s tailbone injury is diagnosed, the easier it can be treated without complication. The delay in treatment might lead to complications.

The  extent of a physical traumatic injury of the tailbone area can vary, based on many factors, such as:

  • direction and angle of traumatic physical force
  • acceleration of traumatic physical force
  • mass associated with traumatic physical force
  • strength of  the surrounding muscles

Here is a list of activities reported by tailbone sufferers that caused their tailbone pain or injury: ( This list is provided to help you jog your memory to report the possible cause(s) of your tailbone pain to your doctor.)

  • Auto Accident, rear-end collision
  • Auto Accident, vertical fall from a cliff
  • Bowel movement (BM) during severe constipation
  • Chair pulled out from behind causing a fall on the buttocks
  • Child birth (vaginal) delivery
  • Dead-lifting of heavy weights or barbells
  • Fall on the buttocks down the stairs or ladders
  • Fall on the buttocks during Cheerleading Stunts
  •              (Throw & catch or Pyramids)
  • Fall on the buttocks during football
  • Fall on the buttocks during gymnastics on a balance beam
  • Fall on the buttocks during ice skating
  • Fall on the buttocks during roller blading or in-line skating
  • Fall on the buttocks during roller skating
  • Fall on the buttocks during skiing
  • Fall on the buttocks during snow boarding
  • Fall on the buttocks from a swing
  • Fall on the buttocks in a bath tub
  • Fall on the buttocks in a bathroom
  • Fall on the buttocks on a frozen sidewalk
  • Fall on the buttocks on a oily or greased floor
  • Fall on the buttocks while skate boarding
  • Horseback riding or falling from a horse
  • Martial Art accidental contact with buttocks
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Sexual Anal intercourse
  • Sitting in a motor boat during a bumpy ride
  • Slip and fall on a hard slippery/wet tile floor
  • Slip and fall on ice
  • Sports injury, accidental kick in the buttocks
  • Straddle injury on a fence top or tree limb
  • Water slide drops and jumps
  • Fall from a Ladder or Stool on Buttocks)


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